Sunday, 5 January 2014

Making good on a promise: Crocheting a Flourish Jacket

For Christmas, my sis only got a symbolic gift ... the promise of a self-made cardigan/jacket.
As I wanted her feedback on the color and shape she would prefer, I wrapped some yarn, a pair of knitting needles and a pattern as her present.

And ah, don't I know my sis well ... she loved the pattern of the flouncy jacket 

She would love the jacket in an Aqua/Teal color. The yarn store was finally open again today, and I went to get some very soft yarn by Lang & Co. (a 97% cotton/3% polyester blend - for a crochet hook 4/4.5),45&prod_id=85 Color 707.0072

I made a beginning this evening and must say it's a very agreeable yarn to work with.

What I also like about this pattern, is that you work it from the neck down. It means that you crochet just as long as you need the jacket and/or sleeves to be.

6 January 2014

After the 2nd ball of yarn I have now gotten under the arms, and am crocheting the body of the jacket. The design on the back of the jacket is also starting to take shape.

8 January 2014

Motoring along! I'm really pleased with the speed at which I am crocheting. Love how it starts to look.

11 January 2014

Just one week into the making of the jacket and I'm almost done.
I almost can't believe how fast I am. At this rate, sis will have her Christmas present very soon.

All that is now missing is the ruffle all around the front and bottom of the jacket.

15 January 2014

I'm sad ... sooooo sad! I ran out of yarn. This is how far I got.

The yarn store does not have my yarn available, now I need to wait for the new order to come in.

Out of frustration I started the same jacket in another type of yarn. I can't be without something to do.
My daughter thinks I'm a machine, she does not believe how fast I am going.

18 January 2014

As I am still waiting for the yarn to complete the jacket for my sis, so to keep my hands busy, I finished the second jacket. 

The question is now: "to sell or to keep?" - and "what will keep my hands busy while I still wait for the yarn?"

I'm really crabby, the yarn store promised to get the yarn in by Tuesday, Wednesday at the latest. Today Thursday still nothing arrived. At this pace I will not be able to finish the jacket before Saturday, when I see my sister again.

14 February 2014

Finally went to pick up the yarn to finish my sister's jacket! 
Yey just finished it this evening, and am very glad that I finally will be able to give her her Christmas present.

Sis, don't quite know when I will be able to get to Antwerp, but here you are, your jacket is ready!