Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Christmas: Preparation v. Procrastination

This year my preparations don't seem to be getting into a higher gear.
I had to postpone our family get-together because I was assigned a shift on 24 December. So this year the family will come to my place on the 25th instead.
You would be correct to think - great, one more day to get ready - not so, just one more day to procrastinate.
Result, I am shamefully behind in all preparations. Especially the cleaning needs to be done.
Good that I have done the shopping for the meal today, and I have prepared the party favors.

I have some lovely home made Sugar Body Scrub for my sister and my mother, and for my daughter and brother in law a nice bar of soap.

And in Scarlet O'Hara's immortal words 

24th December: Home from work.

Just made the Tiramisu for tomorrow. This is such a simple dessert to make, and it tastes so good.

I'm now going to do my "mise en place" for the Tajine I'm making tomorrow. At least, when all the veggies are cut, the cooking won't take to long. I'll marinade the chicken and put it aside in the fridge. 

And when that is done, I'm going to bed, have to get up early to do all the things I have been putting off till the last minute.

25th December
Started cooking at 10AM. The Tajine in the oven smelled really good right from the start and bathed the kitchen in good cheer. The spices and cinnamon heralded the party.
At 1PM my sis arrived and helped me get the cleaning finished. The kitchen sparkled and Bryce put some order into the living room and decorated the tree. She did a real good job.
Then, getting ready and setting the table. Mum and my brother in law were a bit early so I was not completely ready, but not far of.

The company was good, the food went down well, stories were told and presents were opened.

And all 5 doggies behaved wonderfully.

It was a very good evening.

26th December: Rest, dishes and some TV. Tomorrow we go on.

Ah, I am so glad others seem to see the world through my type of glasses