Saturday, 15 March 2014

A Lamp for my Bedroom II

As I have been promising since 11th January, I am going to make a lamp for my bedroom out of crocheted, knitted and Bruges Lace doilies.

I saw the picture of the lamp for the first time on Pinterest and loved it immediately. Just had to get the materials together to make it. I collected some of the doilies at thrift stores, car boot sales ... and I made quite a few myself.

Now this is what you need:

Powertex is a textile hardener that hardens 
to a complete solid state when it is dry

A large round party balloon, blown up to the size of lamp that you want 

The collection of doilies

A fitting for a pendant lamp

Make sure you cover all surfaces, its a messy business
I use disposable gloves, although Powertex comes off your hand easily enough
A tray to put the Powertex in, since you have to submerge
 the doilies and squeeze them out again

I started at the top and work my way down, overlapping as I go. Make sure to leave a hole in the top, large enough to slip a bulb through, you might need to change it from time to time.

This is as far as I got with my first bottle of Powertex.
I am going to let this part set completely. That way I can untie it from my kitchen chandelier and turn it upside down to continue working on it, preventing the bottom doilies from slipping of when they are not dry yet.

I will continue soon, but ran out of Powertex. Unfortunately I have to drive to Antwerp to get it. But I promise, there will be a follow up of the photo's soon.

Second bottle of Powertex bought ... continuation of the construction!

Ran out of Powertex again, 3 more small holes to fill. I underestimated the amount of "glue" these doilies absorb.

I'm very sorry that I have not been here for a while. Unfortunately the doily lamp did not go quite as I expected. 

I left too long between the first and second stage of the covering of the balloon, so it had deflated somewhat and the shape was not entirely round anymore ... on top of that, during the drying of the second phase, the balloon got punctured, and because the glue had not hardened entirely, made it collapse upon itself ... result: stomp it flat and throw it in the garbage.

I am now collecting and crocheting a new collection of doilies and will try it again. 
This time I will make sure that I have all the materials ready in the house before starting and I will keep it safe during the drying process.

Will post progress as it happens!