Sunday, 15 December 2013

The Running Furniture List

On The Running Furniture List | Making it Lovely I found a great idea. 
I will follow this example. 

First item on the list is a headboard for my bed. I have seen various examples of headboards made out of old doors, and the idea appeals to me.

However, here in Belgium old doors (and new ones) never ever come in evenly distributed panels, so I will have to keep an eye open, or find another solution. 

Very high up on the list is also a wardrobe like the one I painted for my friend Stijn. Must be a 4 or 5 door one, as I don't want to loose out on the space I have in my current modern sliding door wardrobe.
I have been looking for a likely candidate in thrift shops and on 2nd hand sites for a while, but as yet no luck.

Funny, looking for images, I seem to be obsessed with things for my bedroom first. Maybe best to try and get "the look" room by room. With the occasional exceptions of course.

This chair is nearly reality, I have 2 such carcasses in the garage, ready to be painted and upholstered. I should look into reupholstering courses. The fabric has also been chosen ... sort off ...

Laura Ashley - Ironwork Scroll Duck Egg Blue
Laura Ashley - Josette Duck Egg Blue
combined with
Laura Ashley - Gingham Duck Egg Blue

This is a sweet chair for a bedroom too, 
and the knitting makes it very personal

Every boudoir needs a chandelier, 
this one does not have too much bling, but is still glamorous

cutie nightstand

For the living room - study (if I ever get a nice big house)

Love this bookcase (not in black though)

For the kitchen I am going to make an island. The kitchen is plenty big enough, now I only have to find a suitable dresser to realize that project.
I looked on Google images and came up with some great ideas.